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The "TOP 10" of the best players of NFL in history

Even if I find the principle still questionable (because how to compare different generations who played with partially different rules?), The NFL yesterday announced the list of the best nfl player in history .and there is in a lot of old Bears, Colts and 49ers. The vote was organized with a panel of "connoisseurs": journalists, former players, club presidents ... and among the 10 there are some surprises and a number 1 predictable (but not indisputable). nfl 2018

Jerry rice and joe Montana

After a successful university career (6th at Heisman in 1963 and 3rd in 1964) on the Illinois side as Linebacker and Center, Dick Butkus entered the draft in 1965. He was selected by the Chicago Bears and he went very well. quickly impose themselves at home and revolutionize his position. The Bears are his team of hearts and he will play his whole career. During his 10 years in the NFL, Butkus will play 8 pro-bowl and will be selected 6 times as linebacker in the team of the year. When in 1975 the "51" hangs up his crampons, he has dominated individually his position but he will never hang any participation in the Superbowl. History of nfl

Dick Butkus

Probably the least known of the 10 because Huston played before the war (he left the league in 1945) and so few people to remember to have seen it evolve. Huston is best known for having 18 records in his possession: 488 career receptions, 99 touchdowns received ... it must be added that if he was a receiver he was also in corner back (and has some interceptions to his credit). Today Huston's statistics are all matched or out of date, but in his day it was an alien. nfl player

Don Huston

In my opinion the big coast! and this because it is the only active player to finish in the top 10. What to say about Manning: 1 Superbowl won in 2 participation, a record in average playoff compared to others .but it is the 3rd best passer in history behind Favre and Marino. It is also and above all the architect of the success of the Colts and his way of considering the game and the strategy makes it clearly an exceptional quarterback (even if his game seems unattractive to some). best nfl player

Reggie white

The "Minister of Defense" remains of course an NFL reference on and off the field. 13 consecutive pro-bowl and a quarry marked by sacks with shovel. Reggie White's image remains obviously linked to his religious commitment, but also to his eventful passage from the Eagles franchise to that of the Packers (with whom he won the Super Bowl in 1996). Deceased too early, Reggie White remains an endearing character and a relentless player: "Jesus is coming! He declared to his opponents before making them miserable. best nfl player

jhony unitas

Before Manning, there was Unitas at the Colts ... but at that time it was on the side of Baltimore and Unitas had a hard time winning. Pittsburgh native, Unitas is selected by the Steelers which is a bit of a wake up for him; but soon the fairy tale ends and he finds himself unemployed a few months after his draft. He then plays the day job at the Rams and gets $ 6 per game played. In 1956, the Baltimore Colts call him and from the fourth game of the season they make their holder. He will be intercepting his first pass, but then he will set a record of 47 consecutive games with at least one TD launched. In 1958 he brought the Colts to the NFL title with a legendary game: while there are 2 minutes left to play against the Giants and the Colts are on their 14 yards with 3 points behind him, he managed 7 consecutive passes and hangs the extension (that the Colts will win). In 1959, he won again the NFL title and in 1970 he won the Superbowl V. nfl

walter payton

Coming from Jackson State, he was drafted in 1975 by the Bears and made a disappointing first year in the NFL. But in 1976, he reached 1,000 yards in the season (which is a performance for the time) and in 1977 he panicked the league with more than 1,800 yards covered and 16 touchdowns scored; but his team can not capitalize on his talent and is bluntly out of playoffs by the Cowboys. The arrival of Ditka at the controls of the club in 1982, will allow him to shine even more and in 1985 he won his one and only Superbowl. The Bears' "34" will remain a high-class player who broke all records in the race of the day (including those of Jim Brown) and who covered more than 1,000 yards in 10 different seasons. best nfl

Joe Montana

I thought Montana would be on the podium, but he failed in the polls at the worst place. Yet the man of the 49ers (who will make a passage in the Chiefs at the end of career) was ultra-dominant and won 4 Superbowl with them. His reputation is second to none, and the former student of Notre Dame has especially marked the league by its serenity in major events and its ability to never make mistakes in the final. lawrence taylor

Lawrence Taylor

L.T. is often referred to an image where he dominates a Joe Montana on the ground following one of the destructive takings that Taylor had the secret; but that is reductive. Indeed, L.T. revolutionized his position: he invented the mobility of the game of the outside linebackers, their ability to be cover threats as well as blitzes. The versatility of the linebacker game owes a lot to Taylor who has adapted his physique to the phenomenon of weight gain offensive lines; in addition Taylor remains one of the major craftsmen of the first Superbowl won by the Giants in 1987. For me, LT remains by far one of the players who has most anticipated NFL evolution in terms of template and rules and this in fact a unique player in the history of defense. nfl player of the world

Jim Brown

10 NFL seasons including 9 during which he was the best runner / fullback of the year! This statistic alone could explain why Jim Brown is on the podium. Drafted in 1956 by the Browns, Jim Brown will very quickly revolutionize the game on the ground: it will be for example the first player to reach the bar of 100 touchdowns in career (he does in 93 games, the record will be beaten by Tomlinsson over 40 after) and above all he reached in 1963 1,863 yards on a season which will leave him very long in history. These statistics are all the more impressive as the seasons are 12 games (they go to 14 games in 1961); it also comes out with 5.3 yards per door which is staggering compared to a time when the game was more physical than today. With such statistics it goes without saying that Brown played 10 pro bowl (he missed none during his career). His only active record is to have scored 4 touchdowns on the ground in 6 consecutive games.   jerry rice

Jerry Rice

Last Sunday some of us saw Rice on the Wembley field. This week, he becomes the best player in NFL history. Why that ? 1,549 balloons captured in career, 22,895 yards covered (or 15 yards loan per ball), 14 seasons more than 1,000 yards ... are as many statistics records that still make it the record holder of receivers. It is necessary to add to that the 3 titles that he gleaned with the great Joe Montana, then Steve Young. His end of career was a little disappointing: several clubs (Raiders, Seahawks, Broncos), the end of some of his series (the number of consecutive games with a balloon captured) ... but the man remains a model so much he liked his sport, he was a model because of his personality and his lifestyle. On his human qualities he is therefore logically put forward by the NFL as the number 1 player in history.