Common House Problems that Increase Energy Costs and Decrease Comfort
Inadequate Insulation
Air Leakage
Inefficient Heating Systems
Inefficient Central Air
    Conditioning Systems
Duct Leakage

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6 Steps to Powering Up Your Home

1. Tell us about your home.
The first conversation with a PowerUp Communities Homeowner Support Representative will be about your home and any comfort issues you are aware of. We will also use this time to explain the rebates, discounts and financing you are eligible for.

2. Receiving your Free or Reduced Cost Home Energy Assessment
A certified professional will comprehensively test your home for any efficiency or health/safety related issues.

3. Post Assessment- Understanding Your Options
After the assessment, the contractor will present your homes efficiency report. This itemized report will breakdown each proposed efficiency measure and how it can improve your homes comfort, savings and efficiency.

4. Sign the Contract
Confirming the work you would like performed by signing the final agreement with the contractor.

5. Receive your Home Energy Improvements. Enjoy all the benefits of having a more comfortable, efficienct and affordable home!
It only takes a few days to save you thousands!

6. The Test Out
Making sure the work was performed accurately and all items outlined in the contract were completed.


Step 1: Tell us about your home.

PowerUp Communities has designed a Home Inventory Form that can be done over the phone or online. This form compiles general information about your house, such as; how many bedrooms are in the house, if you use oil or gas for heating, and what rooms are drafty. A PowerUp Homeowner Support Representative will also use this time to pre-qualify your household for rebates offered through the state, PowerUp and/or utilities as well as available financing options.

To begin the PowerUp Communities process, please fill out our Home Inventory Form.

Understanding What You Qualify For

PowerUp Homeowner Support Representatives can let you know what rebates and financing your household qualifies for on first conversation. Homeowners can receive anywhere from 10-60% off of their jobs cost! While there are more rebates for low-to-moderate income families, every PowerUp homeowner receives some sort of rebate or discount. Homeowners in PowerUp focus communities will receive an additional 5% discount. If eligible, the remaining costs post rebates can be financed through PSE&G On Bill financing at 3.49% fixed interest, allowing you to payback directly on your PSE&G bill through a portion of the money you save. This financing is not based solely on credit, meaning that homeowners with low or poor credit can still qualify. PowerUp makes sure you receive all the pre-approvals before your home energy assessment is scheduled, we even assist with all paperwork submission.

By getting these pre-qualifications in advance PowerUp puts the homeowner in the driver’s seat, ensuring you understand how you can pay for any efficiency upgrades proposed. To learn more about the rebates, discounts and financing please see How to Apply (insert link to How to Apply).


Step 2: Your Comprehensive Home Energy Assessment

The Comprehensive Home Energy Assessment is the first step towards understanding the efficiency improvements your home needs. For most New Yorkers, the home assessment is free. Some homeowners may be asked to pay for some or all of the cost of the assessment, based on their household income. A PowerUp Communities Homeowner Support Representative can let you know right away if you qualify for the assessment at no cost. Conducted by a Building Performance Institute certified Home Performance Contractor, the assessment is a two to four hour top-to-bottom survey of your homes efficiency. This includes: a health and safety check, a blower door test indicating any air leakages and insulation deficiencies, and a testing of your heating/cooling systems. The assessment is an integral part of the process as its findings result in the report of your home energy efficiency and the improvements it needs to save you money and improve your homes comfort.

To learn more about qualifying for the Free or Reduced Cost Comprehensive Home Energy Assessment please see How To Apply (insert link to How to Apply).


Step 3: Post Assessment- Understanding Your Options

After the assessment, an itemized report is prepared by the same Home Performance Contractor that performed the assessment. This is an itemized report of the efficiency measures your home needs, including; how much each measure will save you on utility costs, the rebates that would apply to it, and how much it would cost. As the homeowner, you are able to pick and choose, move forward with everything or opt out of the program. There is no-penalty if you decide to end your involvement.

PowerUp Homeowner Support Representatives will help with any questions or concerns you have in reviewing your workscope. We work with you and the contractor to ensure that you are receiving only the work you are comfortable with.


Step 4: Signing the Contract

Once you have decided on the measures you want to move forward with, the contractor submits the final contract to Conservation Services Group (CSG). CSG ensures that all the measures on the contract are up to NYSERDA guidelines and will result in energy savings.


Step 5: Making Your Home Efficient

Once the final contract is returned from CSG, the homeowner can sign and schedule the work. Work is usually performed in 1-3 days.


Step 6: The Test Out

Once your work is done, the contractor returns and performs another assessment. This assessment is confirming that everything outlined in the contract has been completed. Quality Assurance checks are made randomly for each contractor, ensuring that the work as outlined in the contract was successfully completed.

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