Save hundreds—even more—each year
by cutting energy waste

Save Money Home Energy Electric BillWe can connect homeowners and renters with NYSERDA programs that help save energy and money. The programs begin with a home energy assessment, which is a top-to-bottom test to see where your home is wasting energy. This first step is very important because it uncovers hard-to-see problems like air leaking out of your house, walls that need insulation, trouble with your furnace, or other issues.

A BPI accredited contractor will perform your home assessment and can make any improvements or upgrades. BPI is short for the Building Performance Institute, a national organization that trains and certifies energy efficiency contractors to do energy efficiency work. To learn more about BPI visit,

At the end of the assessment, you will get a report about the next steps that can be taken to make your home more energy efficient.

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Resident Testimonials:

Testimonials“Previously cold rooms are now warm, there is no cold air wafting up from the basement, and my house is safer for me and my family. I am still surprised at how easily, quickly, and cheaply my house became green!”
— Elizabeth C.
    Babylon, New York

Testimonials“A Power Up Organizer presented at my church, Bethel A.M.E. in Copiague. She talked about how I could save money on my energy bills and give back financially to my church. My home was built in the mid 1950's and it was seriously drafty. Because of the program I had major insulation blown into my attic and basement and weather stripping and caulking throughout the entire house. Power Up was there every step of the way. They explained exactly what was going to be done...from beginning to end I felt involved and comfortable.”
— Vincent B.
    Lindenhurst, New York

Testimonials“At my assessment they informed me that I had a gas leak coming from my stove, which was remedied! We got our gas conversion. I am literally paying for my retrofit with what I'm saving on my energy bills. I had someone helping me and representing my best interests...Power Up kept on the case every step of the way!”
— Merlin B. and Naomi J.
    Amityville, New York

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