Common House Problems that Increase Energy Costs and Decrease Comfort
Inadequate Insulation
Air Leakage
Inefficient Heating Systems
Inefficient Central Air
    Conditioning Systems
Duct Leakage

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Cost Savings

By increasing energy efficiency, PowerUp Communities homeowners save anywhere from $800 to $3000 a year on fuel/electric bills!  

A home might use a lot of energy depending on how it’s built. For example, a house that has an older boiler or furnace, little insulation in the walls, and lots of leaky spots where air can get in from outside will burn a lot of energy, especially when someone turns the heat up during winter.

That’s because older furnaces need to burn more fuel to make heat, and a house that has air leaks and poor insulation will let more heat escape. During summer, the opposite happens. Hot air leaks into the house and people have to turn up their fans and air conditioners to stay cool.  Energy efficiency means using less energy to do the things we do every day, which saves money, promotes a healthier environment and offers other benefits like being more comfortable at home.

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